What Is The Average Salary For Oracle DBA In India?

What exactly does a DBA do?

Database administrators (DBAs) use specialized software to store and organize data.

The role may include capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery..

How do I get SQL certified?

To earn a SQL Server certification, you must take a required course and pass the certification exam. SQL certification courses range from $1,785 to $2,975, and the certification exam costs around $165.

What is the difference between average salary of DBA and average salary of all employees?

DBA Salary in India: Based on Location According to Payscale, Database Administrators earn around 19% more than the national average. … In Mumbai, DBAs have reported earning around 10% less than the national average. For Delhites, the difference is lesser, but still, it’s less than 4% of the national average.

Is Oracle DBA in demand?

You’ll find Oracle DBAs in virtually any and all industries as generally, every business needs some form of database management. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Oracle database jobs is set to rise 11% through 2026.

Is DBA a good career?

A job with a low stress level, good work-life balance and solid prospects to improve, get promoted and earn a higher salary would make many employees happy. Here’s how Database Administrators job satisfaction is rated in terms of upward mobility, stress level and flexibility.

Are DBA in demand?

This growth is due to more companies needing to collect and store data properly. If you have training in cloud-based technologies and databases, there is even more projected growth, with job demand increasing up to 17%, according to the BLS. Database administrators who design computer systems are also in high demand.

Is DBA Job dying?

Many of the tasks that DBAs oversee today such as backups/restores, security, configuration, and query tuning will gradually disappear. These are all tasks that can (and are) being automated away. … In time there will be fewer jobs titled “DBA”. But there will always be a need for data professionals.

What is the salary of Oracle DBA?

The average Oracle Dba salary in Canada is $89,928 per year or $46.12 per hour. Entry level positions start at $62,500 per year while most experienced workers make up to $107,250 per year.

How much does a SQL DBA make?

What is the average salary for jobs related to “entry level sql database administrator”? The average salary for “entry level sql database administrator” ranges from approximately $60,156 yearly for Junior Systems Administrator to $113,004 yearly for Senior Database Administrator.

How do I become an Oracle DBA?

Are there steps I can follow to become an Oracle DBA?Step 1 Do some research about the role. … Step 2 Study the basics of database administration. … Step 3 Take training courses. … Step 4 Learn about related technologies. … Step 5 Look for database developer positions. … Step 6 Take advanced training. … Step 7 Get certified.

Is Oracle DBA easy to learn?

Oracle is fundamentally just like SQL Server and every other relational database system. Its database architectural principles are the same and it operates with SQL (Structured Query Language), plus Oracle’s own PL/SQL extensions. It’s relatively easy to learn — as long as you have a good handle on Linux and SQL.

What is the future of Oracle DBA?

Move from managing the database to managing many data sources: In 2020, DBAs can use their knowledge of Oracle Database and SQL language skills to make other important data management tools more secure and manageable, Niemiec says.