What Is DbSet And DbContext?

Does DbContext inherit ObjectContext?

DbContext is conceptually similar to ObjectContext.

DbContext is nothing but a ObjectContext wrapper, we can say it is a lightweight alternative to the ObjectContext.

DbContext can be used for DataBase first, code first and model first development.

DbContext mainly contains a set of APIs that are very easy to use..

What is DbSet C#?

A DbSet represents the collection of all entities in the context, or that can be queried from the database, of a given type. DbSet objects are created from a DbContext using the DbContext. Set method.

What is DbContext in MVC?

DbContext in Entity Framework 6. … DbContext is an important class in Entity Framework API. It is a bridge between your domain or entity classes and the database. DbContext is the primary class that is responsible for interacting with the database.

Is DbContext managed?

DbContext implements IDisposable . Its instances should therefore be disposed of as soon as they’re not needed anymore. In practice however, and unless you choose to explicitly manage the database connection or transaction that the DbContext uses, not calling DbContext.

What is a DbContext?

The DbContext class is an integral part of Entity Framework. An instance of DbContext represents a session with the database which can be used to query and save instances of your entities to a database. DbContext is a combination of the Unit Of Work and Repository patterns.

What is the basic job of a DbSet?

The DbSet is responsible for performing all the basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on each of the Entity. The DbSet operations are used to change any property of the entity in the EF Core. The most essential methods of the DbSet are: Querying Data.