Quick Answer: What Is The Minimum Percentage Required For BCA?

Can I study BCA without maths?

The basic eligibility for BCA admission is 10+2 from a recognized board.

Although students from any stream can apply for the course, there are some colleges that prefer to take students from Science background.

If not Science, students must have studied Mathematics and Computer Science at 10+2 level..

Is CET necessary for BCA?

Yes. Most colleges/universities have introduced CET or Common Entrance Test, which isn’t very tough to clear, for getting into BCA. No there is no Entrance exam required for BCA. You can just walk into any college and get your admissions done.

Is BCA better than BBA?

Difference Between BBA and BCA The concepts of BCA are easier for students having done their 10+2 in science subjects while for others, BBA is better. Both BBA and BCAare launch pads for graduate level degrees and open the doors for great careers in many industries.

What subjects are needed for BCA?

BCA courses mainly comprise of subjects like the database, networking, data structure, core programming languages, software engineering, object-oriented programming, web scripting, and development etc. The courses open up opportunities for students interested in the field of computer science and information technology.

How can I get admission in BCA?

To take admission, the minimum BCA eligibility is atleast 50% in Class 12 with English as a mandatory subject. Admission is mostly done through entrance examinations like IPU CET, but many colleges like IITM New Delhi take admission based on merit.

Is there Physics in BCA?

To pursue a BCA programme, one need not have Physics, Chemistry and Maths as subjects in Class 12th.

What is the salary of BCA?

Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India for BCA:CompanyAverage Salary (Rupees Per Annum)CognizantRs.265,000 – 300,000AricentRs.290,000 – 315,000MicrosoftRs.300,000 – 360,000WiproRs.275,000 – 325,0002 more rows•May 4, 2020

Is BCA is better than BSc?

Hence, for those students who want to make a career in the computer applications, programming, and software development, the BCA course is better (than BSc IT) option; while for the students who are desirous of finding advanced job opportunities in the internet technology and database operations & management, the BSc …

What is the fees of BCA course?

BCA Course DetailsCourseBCADuration3 yearsFee Offered1.5 Lakh INR to 6 Lakh INR for three yearsCourse TypeRegular mode / Distance modeStarting salary offered20,000 to 25,000 INR5 more rows

Can a BCA student become data scientist?

To become a data scientist, you’ll have to learn the necessary skills for this trade. This means you’ll have to learn Programming, Predictive Analysis, Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big Data, Machine Learning, and other related subjects.

Is BCA easy study?

BCA is a course which is purely having some interesting subjects about computer application and if the subjects are loved by students, BCA is easy. … Tech(Computer Science) , Yes BCA is quite easy it’s just a three year course plus you don’t have to study Physics, Chemistry in year year as in B. TECH.

Is maths difficult in BCA?

Maths in BCA is relatively easy and an average student can easily cope with it. Maths in BCA is relatively easy and an average student can easily cope with it. Maths in BCA is relatively easy and an average student can easily cope with it. No No Math is very easy.

Is MCA better than btech?

Ans: MCA is a Post Graduate (PG) Professional Degree, Whereas BE / Btech is just an Under Graduate (UG) Degree. So, MCA Degree Holders usually get MORE Respect and Recognition than a BE / Btech. Particularly, MCA with Only B.Sc. (Computer Science) the background is Equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering).

Is BCA a software engineer?

The study period of BCA includes various subjects such as Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced), Networking, World-Wide-Web, Data Structure, Advanced C Language Programming, Database Management, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Visual Basic, Programming using PHP, JAVA, …

Can PCB students do BCA?

Yes, you can go for BCA after your 12th with biology as a subject. BCA is designed to build programing skills for developing efficient and resource optimized software/website/cloud/mobile applications.