Quick Answer: What CDs Are Worth Money?

Are promo copies worth more?

In most cases the record label on a promo copy will have a different color than the copy sold in stores.

Promos can often be worth a lot more than those sold in stores.

They are rarely worth any less..

Are demonstration records worth anything?

Some rare demo records can be worth a good amount of money but normally demo and promo records are worth the same or less than a normal record. This is because a demo or promo record will normally not come with artwork or sleeves which is where a good part of the value lies for most collectors.

What is a promotional copy?

Promotional copy is writing designed to persuade your reader to take a specific action. The action can be anything from clicking a link to buying a ticket. The action is all important and it is the main aim of promotional copy writing.

What can I do with old CDs?

How to Recycle CDs and TapesDonate your old CD, DVDs and tapes to a secondhand store or music reseller for reuse. Even if the items are scratched, it’s likely they can be repaired and resold. … Use them for a DIY art project.Mail your media to a company like the CD Recycling Center of America or GreenDisk.

Does anyone still collect CDs?

CD sales have been declining in the US ever since, but they’re still selling well over a hundred million per year. Clearly record companies continue to make CDs because there’s one heck of a consumer demand.

Are promo CDs worth anything?

Generally a promo CD is worth much more if it has some unique content not on the regular issue.

Is it worth selling CDs on EBay?

I’ve found that the best platform/method for selling CD’s is EBay, with 30-day “Buy it now” listings. If you sell less than 50 items per month on EBay, there are no insertion fees and total basic fees are 10% of the value of the sale. EBay even offers discounted USPS postage, which lowers the total cost of sale.

What DVDs are worth money?

Valuable DVD box setsDragonball Z Dragon Box Complete DVD Set: $910.Walt Disney Treasures: The Chronological Set: $432.Gunsmoke Complete Series and Movie Collection: $530.Unsolved Mysteries: The Ultimate Collection: $330.Star Wars Trilogy Widescreen Theatrical Versions: $315.More items…

Can you sell promo CDs?

Court Rules That Selling Promo CDs Is Perfectly Legal.

What does promotional use only mean?

Based on 3 documents. 3. + New List. Promotional Use means for demonstration and marketing purposes by a Party to a prospective customer, but not for resale or distribution to an entity not a Party.

Who buys old CDs near me?

Bonavendi. Bonavendi is a great price comparison site for selling used items and one of my favorite platforms for selling DVDs, CDs, and Video Games. … Amazon Trade-In. Amazon is one of the most known sources for buying used things. … Decluttr. … BookMonster. … BuybackExpress. … F.Y.E. … Eagle Saver. … Sell DVDs Online.More items…•

Can I sell CDs on Amazon?

Amazon has recently restricted the sales of CDs on the site to pre-approved sellers. In order to be pre-approved to sell in this category, you must have a professional account. If it is not worth your while to pay $40/mo, Amazon does not think you are worth their while to allow you to sell CDs on this site.

Should I throw away old DVDs?

Chuck them in the trash This is by far the simplest way to get rid of discs that contain no data that has no value (AOL CDs, magazine cover disks, that sort of thing). You might feel like recycling discs instead of just chucking them into the trash. Since CDs and DVDs are made of polycarbonate they can be recycled.

What Disney DVDs are worth money?

Here are a few raking in the cash – and what to look for:Walt Disney Treasures, Donald Duck Vol 3 (2007) … Disney O-Ring Collection 44 DVDS. … Disney Pixar Steelbook Blu-Ray Collection (Rare) 81 Steelbooks. … Walt Disney Treasures Collection. … Walt Disney Treasures, Donald Duck Vol 4 (2008)More items…•

Can you sell old DVDs?

Decluttr allows you to sell your used DVDs and Blu-Ray movies for cash. And, they will even buy your used cell phones, tablets, video game consoles, and textbooks. To get started selling your DVDs, you enter the barcode for the items you wish to sell and ship them for free.

It is legal to sell used CDs and DVDs, if you owned them legally to begin with and if they were sold to you publicly. … It is also illegal to create counterfeit CDs or DVDs and sell those.

Where is the best place to sell CDs?

Best second-hand selling websitesMusic Magpie. CDs / DVDs / Games / Books. … CeX. CDs / DVDs / Games. … WeBuyBooks. CDs / DVDs / Books / Games. … GameXchange. Games and DVDs. … eBay. CDs / DVDs / Books / Games. … Amazon Marketplace. CDs / Books / Games / DVDs. … Ziffit. CDs / Books / Games / DVDs. … Momox. CDs/ Books/ Games/ DVDs.

What are the rarest vinyl records?

The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever soldThe Beatles: ‘Til There Was You’ (10” acetate) – £77,500. … The Beatles: Yesterday & Today – $125,000. … John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy – $150,000. … The Beatles: Sgt. … Elvis Presley: ‘My Happiness’ – $300,000. … The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) – $790,000. … Wu-Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – $2 million.More items…•

How do I sell old DVDs and CDs?

Ziffit allows you to sell your old books, games, DVDs and CDs. Like musicMagpie you just need to enter the barcodes to get an instant value or download the app that allows you to save time and scan them in. You’ll need a minimum of 10 items or items worth at least £5 to complete a trade.