Quick Answer: How Do I Reduce The Resolution Of An Image In Illustrator?

How do I reduce Resolution in Illustrator?

You can reduce the resolution of all raster effects, which have been applied in the current document.

To do this, go to Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings and setting a low value for the resolution in the dialog box..

Where is the resolution in Illustrator?

To determine the resolution of an image placed in Illustrator: Go to Window>Document Info. Click on small arrow at the right of the Document Window information.

Does rasterizing reduce quality?

Rasterizing means that you are forcing certain dimensions & resolution to a graphic. Whether it affects the quality will depend on what you choose for those values. You can rasterize a graphic at 400 dpi and it will still look fine on a home printer.

How do I improve image quality in Illustrator?

The short answer is you can’t. Illustrator is not made for working with pixels and certainly not for improving an image. If you zoom in on any image, it will eventually pixelate. Depending on what you want to do with it, you might be able to trace the image or redraw it.