Question: What Is The Formula Of Shrinkage In BPO?

What is the formula of shrinkage?

Shrinkage is another way of expressing what used to be called Utilisation.

Utilisation is simply the number of hours that employees are available to work on their primary task (measured hours), divided by the total paid hours.

So a Shrinkage Figure of 30% equates to a Utilisation figure of 70%..

What is the shrinkage in BPO?

Call center shrinkage is the number of agents actively taking calls divided by the number of agents who are not available for any reason. Those reasons can include: External Shrinkage Factors: Holidays & vacations.

How can we control shrinkage in BPO?

The strategy must focus on implementing some of the commonly used best practices for reducing call center shrinkage.Measure Shrinkage Rate Continuously. … Track and Improve Schedule Adherence. … Keep in Mind Unproductive Time. … Monitor and Address Absenteeism. … Keep Agents Competitive. … Make Shrinkage Management an Ongoing Process.

How is AHT calculated?

AHT can be calculated using this formula:[Talk + hold + follow up] / calls = AHT (calculated in minutes or seconds) … Make sure agents are trained effectively. … Utilize self-service resources, like knowledge bases and help articles. … Monitor agent performance. … Record calls to use in ongoing trainings.More items…•

What is shrinkage limit?

A shrinkage limit test gives a quantitative indication of how much moisture can change before any significant volume change and to also indication of change in volume. The shrinkage limit is useful in areas where soils undergo large volume changes when going through wet and dry cycles (e.g. earth dams) APPARATUS. 1.)