Question: What Is Difference Between Multiple And Multilevel Inheritance?

What is multiple and multilevel inheritance in Java?

Multilevel Inheritance : In Multilevel Inheritance, a derived class will be inheriting a base class and as well as the derived class also act as the base class to other class.

Please note that Java does not support multiple inheritance with classes.

In java, we can achieve multiple inheritance only through Interfaces..

What do you mean by multiple inheritance?

Multiple inheritance is a feature of some object-oriented computer programming languages in which an object or class can inherit characteristics and features from more than one parent object or parent class.

What is multilevel inheritance with example?

Multilevel inheritance in java with example. When a class extends a class, which extends anther class then this is called multilevel inheritance. For example class C extends class B and class B extends class A then this type of inheritance is known as multilevel inheritance.

Which inheritance is a combination of multilevel and multiple inheritance?

Hybrid inheritanceHybrid inheritance is a combination of multiple inheritance and multilevel inheritance. A class is derived from two classes as in multiple inheritance.

What is single inheritance with example?

When one class inherits another class, it is known as single level inheritance. Let’s see the example of single level inheritance which inherits the fields only. In the above example, Employee is the base class and Programmer is the derived class.

What is meant by multiple inheritance and multilevel inheritance?

Multiple Inheritance vs Multilevel Inheritance Multiple Inheritance is an Inheritance type where a class inherits from more than one base class. Multilevel Inheritance is an Inheritance type that inherits from a derived class, making that derived class a base class for a new class.