Question: What Are The Subjects In FA?

What is FA degree?

FA stands for faculty of arts.

Many disciplines fall under arts.

You can also become a lawyer..

What is Fullform of FA?

abbreviation. Definition of FA (Entry 2 of 2) 1 field artillery. 2 fielding average. 3 football association.

What is FA education?

most of the people are are confused with Fsc abbreviation. Some think that it the abbreviation of fundamental of science but this is wrong. Fsc stands for Faculty of Science and FA stands for Faculty of Arts. Education – Encyclopedia of Pakistan. Faculty of Science (FSc.

Which subject is best for me in class 11?

The board offers many choices, but the most commonly-opted for optional subjects with science are: Medical – Psychology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Economics, Home Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education.

What subs are in arts?

The major subjects covered under the Arts stream are: Geography. Political Science. Psychology. Sociology.

Which subject is best for 1st year?

1. Pre-Medical:Biology.Physics.Chemistry.English.Urdu.Pak Studies.Islamiyat.

Which subject is best for ICS?

Top Fields for ICS Students after InterSoftware Engineering.Telecommunication.Electronics Engineering.BS Nanotechnology.BS Space Sciences.BS Physics.BS Computational Physics.BS Mathematics.More items…•

What are elective subjects?

An elective subject (also referred to as an ‘optional subject’) is not compulsory (unlike core subjects). You have a choice as to which elective subjects you can study. If your course requires you to choose electives, a list of options will be available in your Study Plan.

Can I do LLB after FA?

F.A students will be allowed to get admission in the international standard LLB programme being started soon. … The degree would be equivalent to degree of any internationally reputed law university.

Can I do Bsit after FA?

Yes, in some universities like Preston, MAJU, UCP etc… you can apply for admission in BS-IT on FA bases. Other require mathematics in FSc.

Can I do ACCA after FA?

Yes you can do that. You are eligible for admission to ACCA or CA. Please note that it requires a good command on mathematics, basic algebra and statistics. If you are good at these, you can go for it.

What are the subjects of FA for private students?

Elective Subjects for Intermediate in Arts (F.A)Statistics.Geography.English Literature.Languages. Arabic. Advance Urdu. French. Persian.

Which field is best after matric?

What Are Different Study Options After Matric?Intermediate in Faculty of Science (FSc)Intermediate in Faculty of Arts (FA)Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS)Intermediate in Commerce (ICOM)

How many subjects are there in FA?

The curriculum usually includes a combination of seven courses including elective and compulsory subjects. .

What we can do after FA?

You can do LLB after FA LLB or Bachelor of Law is a professional course to become a practicing lawyer. The students who want to become lawyers or judges take this course. After University terminates 3 years LLB program in 2017, this course has become popular.