Question: Is BCA A Good Option For Career?

Can I get government job after BCA?

There are no specific exams for BCA graduates.

All government job exams ask for a graduation degree in any stream.

So after BCA you’re eligible for UPSC, SSC, Railway, Banking jobs, and many more government exams.

You can find the government jobs after completion of your B.C.A Degree if you really work for it..

Is BCA a bad course?

No Degree is Bad, Of Course BCA is good but the question is if it is good for you or not? If you have passed 12th class with commerce background and have math or IP as one of your subject then you should go for BCA only if you are interested in computer science degree. … tech in computer science.

Can I do BCA from distance?

BCA distance education is basically a 3-year degree program. … They can now complete their BCA in one year Bangalore. There are many students who come in the job after completing 10+2 in the lack of money and there are many BPO’s or multinational companies who offer the job to the 12th pass out candidates.

What is the salary of BCA in USA?

Representing BCA at interagency and intra-agency meetings; BCA is currently seek……Bca Research (bca) Salaries in the United States.Popular JobsAverage SalaryResearch Technician 556 salaries reported Research Technician Jobs$39,597 / year4 more rows•Oct 4, 2020

Is BCA good for Career?

Job Prospects While BCA gives students a good technology knowledge, it is advisable to complete your MCA to give yourself career wise push. After graduation, a student with a B. Tech degree has greater job opportunities than a student with a BCA.

What is the salary after BCA?

Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India for BCA:CompanyAverage Salary (Rupees Per Annum)CognizantRs.265,000 – 300,000AricentRs.290,000 – 315,000MicrosoftRs.300,000 – 360,000WiproRs.275,000 – 325,0002 more rows•May 4, 2020

Does BCA have scope in future?

BCA is one of the demanding courses under the IT sector. After the completion of the course, the student can find a job in reputed IT companies like IBM, Oracle, Infosys, and Google. The student can work as a system engineer, junior programmer, web developer or as a system administrator.

What is the maximum salary after BCA?

Rs.15000BCA (Bachelors of Computer Application) degree holders can expect their salary starting from Rs. 12000/- per month just after their graduation. The highest salary paid to BCA graduates is Rs. 15000/- to Rs.

Is BCA an engineer?

The BCA is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications for duration of 3 years. After completing BCA, a student can go for MCA which is a master course in computer application and is considered equivalent to engineering course (B. Tech).

What can I do after BCA if not good in programming?

I’m pursuing BCA and I am not good at all in programming. What should I do now?…Enrolling MBA.Get specialization courses of Web Development, WordPress etc.Get into Digital Marketing with specialization in SEO, SEM, SMO.Becoming a Technical Content Writer.Graphic Designer.You can try your efforts in Government jobs too.

Which is better BCS or BCA?

Both the courses are equally good. BCA deals mostly with computer applications focusing on applications like ERP, database, web, etc. The main focus of BCS is on fundamentals of computer science including both hardware and software. You can go for MCA or MS-IT after both the courses.

Which one is better BCA or BSc?

Hence, for those students who want to make a career in the computer applications, programming, and software development, the BCA course is better (than BSc IT) option; while for the students who are desirous of finding advanced job opportunities in the internet technology and database operations & management, the BSc …

Is BCA degree valuable?

While BCA gives students a solid grounding in technology theory, career wise, you’re more likely to find your competitive edge by completing your MCA. After graduation, a student with a B. Tech degree has greater job opportunities than a student with a BCA.

What is the best option after BCA?

Best Career Options After BCAGet an MBA (Master of Business Administration) One of the most popular career options after BCA is getting an MBA degree. … Become a Data Scientist. … Become a Digital Marketer. … Learn Product Management. … Enter the Blockchain Industry. … Become a Cyber Security Expert. … Get an MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

Can a BCA graduate get job in Google?

You can surely apply for job at google. … You can surely apply for job at google.

Is BBA better than BCA?

Abhijeet, • BBA is a management course while BCA is a technical course in the field of computers• The concepts of BCA are easier for students having done their 10+2 in Science subjects while for others, BBA is better. … Both these courses can help you in laying a solid foundation for a future MBA.

Is MBA better than MCA?

For instance, MBA is suitable for those candidates who are good at managerial plus administration skills and can handle stress and deadlines whereas MCA is suitable for those individuals who are interested in general computer applications and want to enhance their insight to be more technically sound.

Is MCA a 2 year course?

Master of Computer Application (MCA) has been restructured to be a two-year postgraduate course instead of the existing three-year postgraduate degree course.