How Do You Use See Off In A Sentence?

What is the phrasal verb of see off?

phrasal verb.

see somebody off.

​to go to a station, an airport, etc.

to say goodbye to somebody who is starting a journey.

​(British English) to force somebody to leave a place, for example by threatening them or running after them..

What does see me off mean?

to go to the place that someone is leaving from in order to say goodbye to them: My parents saw me off at the airport.

How do you use see off?

see off1 : to go to an airport, train station, etc., with (someone who is leaving) in order to say goodbye She saw her son off at the train station.2 British : to chase or force (someone) away from a place The police finally saw them off.3 British : to defeat or stop (an enemy, opponent, etc.) They saw off the opposition.

How do you use show off in a sentence?

Show off sentence examplesRob is a bit of a show-off, is he not? … He seemed a genial sort though, if not a bit of a show-off. … The Mission style has simple clean lines and is used to show-off the craftsman’s skill in woodwork. … It’s also a good way to embarrass someone, especially the avid wine show-off who thinks they know everything about wine.More items…

When you see off somebody what you say?

If you see off an opponent, you defeat them. When you see someone off, you go with them to the station, airport, or port that they are leaving from, and say goodbye to them there.

What is a good sentence for observe?

Examples of observe in a Sentence The class will be observing the movements of fish. The patient must be observed constantly. Children learn by observing their parents and others.